Tips to get featured on our social channels
Tips to get featured on our social channels
Here are our tips for creating content for the AM Creators campaigns in order to increase your chances of getting featured on our social media platforms:

  • Carefully read the campaign requirements and make sure you follow the guidelines. 
  • Don’t overly retouch your photos.
  • Use good natural lighting.
  • Don’t crowd the photos with too many elements—keep it clean and simple.
  • Contact us if you’re having trouble understanding what type of content you need to create—we’re always here to help. 
  • Check the social media accounts of the brand you’re creating content to get inspiration and to make sure you understand the aesthetic. 
  • Make sure to always tag the brand in your photos.
  • Captions are important—keep it genuine, real, and about yourself/your experiences.
  • Don’t photoshop fake backgrounds to your photos. (We and your audience would rather see you on your couch living your best life—it’s relatable, relatable is engaging.)