FAQ - How to get a Duty Fee Refund
FAQ - How to get a Duty Fee Refund
FAQ – Why do I have to pay to pick up my package?

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, any item mailed to Canada may be subject to duty. For additional info, check here.

FAQ – If I pay the duty fee out of my pocket, will I get refunded?

Yes! The refund is issued via PayPal in a maximum of 15 business days from the submission of the proof of payment, W8 form and Invoice.

FAQ – Why do I need to fill out a W8 form?

Any non-US-residents benefitting from an amount subject to withholding must provide a W8 form when payed by a privately held company, such as Adore Me. Its purpose is to exempt non-US-residents from domestic information reporting and backup withholding. For additional information and instructions, go here.

FAQ – Don’t have a PayPal account?

You can easily create a Paypal account. Just sign up here for free:

FAQ – Where can I download the documents?

Look no further:
Download Invoice draft here.
Download W8 here.

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