FAQ - Adore Me Affiliate Program
FAQ - Adore Me Affiliate Program

We know affiliation isn’t necessarily something new and exciting, but we are aiming to make it just that.

What's in it for you? 

Yes, you will receive up to $50, yes, $50! for every new customer. How?

  • For the first order placed via your link, you will receive $20, and for each additional recurrent order they will make you will receive an additional $10 until the total of $50 is fulfilled
  • The chance to make an additional and consistent income

How does it work?

By joining the Adore Me Affiliate Program you will get a personalized link and a personalized coupon code to share with your audience through any kind of platform you see fit (ex. your Instagram or TikTok bio, Instagram Stories, Linktree page, blog posts, and more). 

What do my followers get when using my coupon code? 

Every new customer that shops on adoreme.com with your link and code will get their first VIP set for just $19.99

How can I see my performance?

Check your personalized affiliate dashboard. Please allow it some time for the data to be refreshed, as they are not all calculated in real time. 

How do I get paid? 

Once you achieve a minimum of $100, you can cash out from the Affiliate dashboard directly to your PayPal account.
   *the minimum amount you can cash out at once is $100
   *we take in consideration orders placed up to 30 days after the first link visit (e.g. if one of your friends/followers that you shared your coupon code with makes an order today on AdoreMe.com, you will be able to cash out in 30 days from today)

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